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On October 31, 1951 the saints at the Franklin church of Christ found worshippers of the truth in the Harristown community. They purchased a house from M. E. and Lula Carr Johnson on Pelham and Jackson Street and the Harristown church members begun to worship there. Later the house burned and a block building was constructed on that site around 1957.

Prior to 1972 , all baptisms were performed at the Franklin church of Christ, because there was no bapture. On August 24, 1978 the building was deeded over to the trustee of the Harristown church of Christ. On November 18, 2005 the Bessie Green lot next door was purchased from the city for parking. In 2010 the church endeavored to purchase the lot across the street for parking and to add a 2000 square foot addition including fellowship hall, kitchenette, two baths and an office, with the support and help from of other churches this was accomplished and was completed July 2013.